• How To Create An App

  • How To Create An App Without Coding For Free

    How to get started if you would like to make an app or application for the mobile market? You may have a great idea for an app, and you'd like to share it with everyone. A fun game of app, or perhaps a functional application yourself. It's all, but you just have to know how to start. Here's how to create an app without coding for free. Create applications like this!


    What Is An Application?


    Applications are small files that you can download on your mobile phone. If you have a smartphone, you can access thousands of applications or apps to enrich your phone through a number of simple actions. Applications are available in all sorts of sizes and sizes. Some apps are functional; other apps are simple and fun.


    Applications differ by operating system. The smartphone you have determined which operating system you are using. An iPhone has a different operating system than, for example, a Sony Xperia S. An iPhone uses iOS. That's Apple's operating system. A Sony Xperia S uses the Android operating system.

    Android and iOS are not the only operating systems. You also have the operating system of Blackberry and Windows.


    Is An Application Difficult?


    In the past, it was virtually impossible to create an app. You had to understand all kinds of computer codes; you want to transform your idea into a great app. The application market was thus only for the nerds and geeks who knew the computer language. Nowadays it's even easy to create an application. If you have a nice idea for an app, you can use some programs to create applications. Making a simple application does not have to be difficult at all.


    How Do I Create An Application?


    To create an app, you can use different software. For example, you can use Google's App Inventor. The word says, of course. With this program, you create your own application. The App Inventor uses so-called code blocks. With these codes, you can get started, but without the hassle and difficulty. It's a matter of clicks and drags to create your idea. You may just get started with this Google program.


    The Benefits Of Google App Inventor In A Row:


    • The tool is completely free. You do not have to pay anything at all
    • The tool is very easy: everyone can do it!
    • You can develop the most beautiful applications yourself


    The Disadvantages Of The App Inventor Are As Well:


    • Not in other language
    • Maybe slow if you use many code blocks


    How To Create An App Without Programming Skills


    Of course, the Google Tool, App Inventor, is not the only tool or platform for creating an application. For example, Mobiroller is also available. Here you can also get started to create applications. Mobiroller is, however, no more difficult and you need some knowledge of HTML, PHP, and Javascript.


    Top applications that you can also make


    Which applications would be very popular with the public? What apps are downloaded in large numbers? Here's a list of popular applications:

    • Angry Birds Space - Rovio Mobile Ltd.
    • Draw Something - OMGPOP
    • Cut the Rope - Chillingo Ltd.
    • One Touch Drawing